About Sancta Ziana


Sancta Ziana is a dance short film that questions the fading of the aesthetics, beliefs and biases of the current young generation about Noaptea de Sânziene, a Romanian folkloric custom corresponding to the Summer Solstice, where ritualistic practices and a deep connection with nature used to occur in the past. This project derives from a feeling of missing out the collective memory of my Romanian folklore; a memory that I actually excluded myself from.  Reconnecting with my forgotten folkloric heritage after losing touch with it was the main personal goal of this project.


The short film is a one year collaborative process structured in two parts, both having a contemporary twist. The first part is more mystical, minimalist, cinematic, white and clean, specific with how the Summer Solstice is originally represented in the visual popular culture in Romania. The second part of the short film is highlighting how the folkloric custom is perceived by people from other countries and how religion, among other factors, stimulated the fading of this annual celebration. This part is more critical, brutalist, raw, colorful and messy.  

´´ We will prevail and we will prevail, once and twice to keep ourselves alive.´´

´´ Past and future patterned in pieces, we strived for all children to hear of the white maidens of the mountains.´´


Sarah Hanses
Sofia Norman
Radu Mihai Tanasa



Elena Lupoiu


graphic design

Kasper Quaink 

Ana Cojocaru


camera assistant

Michelle Kanters


color grading

 Noor Boiten


costume design

Alessandra Varisco
Lu Lin
Gonhul Yigit 

Farah Sahupala
Inez Carmen van Kessel



Maria Magas


sound artist

Töng Pan



Rhian Morris

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