No used object remains pristine, but weathers and streamlines its shape through use. This morphing of shape acts as a revisitable material memory which keeps visible past actions and gestures of their users. 

Ironically, this exact quality induces a fluctuating value system in which users adjust their opinions of their objects based on signs of wear and tear. Novelty falsely represents the entire lifetime of objects, setting unsustainable expectations of the object to look in perpetuity as advertised: unused.

Loud Objects taps into a repository of everyday observations of used objects and surfaces, presenting the accumulation of traces as an intrinsic element in an objects’ design, questioning the definitiveness of manufacturing, and the finality of objects.

Audio stories and projections narrate the existence of scratches, polishes, and bumps, revealing behaviour, customs and negligence. 


Find Us in the In-Between

June 30th - July 3rd

Willem Twee Kunstruimte
Boschdijkstraat 100, 5211 VD 's-Hertogenbosch