Restoring Memories still (2022). Cinematographer Iliana Michali.

Restoring Memories final video.mp4

Restoring Memories (2022)

Restoring Memories (2022). Cinematographer Iliana Michali.

Direction: Valeria Ferone 
Cinematography: Iliana Michali 
Music: Enrico Fumo

When did he do those exercises? Am I missing something?" A story told without being told, is hard to grasp when the goal is trying not to talk about it. A silent and imaginative conversation taking place and shape from a family archive is used as an inspirational tool. 

Restoring memories, installation, mixed media (July, 2022)

Restoring memories (2022)


Find Us in the In-Between

June 30th - July 3rd

Willem Twee Kunstruimte
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