connectedness in the non-space


My research has always been driven by my profound interest in the relation between artwork and viewer. It fascinates me how bodily interaction influences the way we perceive a space. How can a shadow capture a moment in space? How can my entrustment become your safe place? I find answers in spaces that are in-between, immaterial, moments that seem coincidental. The core of my research is connectedness in the non-space, which I is discussed along concepts of collectivity, performative curating, and spatiotemporal installations.

Graduation work

For the graduation show I have chosen the stairway to install my work as a ‘non-space’ that is meant to be used for constant movement, not to stop and gaze. A site-specific installation will highlight the space’s fluidity and visitor’s movements. Ephemeral processes will come together there to transform over the course of the exhibition and reveal themselves differently to every viewer, depending on the time they enter the space in, the level they enter or door they use. Making use of not only the floors that the exhibition will be on but the entire height of the building, I allow myself to lose control over how much or little each viewer will see of the work.

Concept for a site-specific stairway installation

I suggest that a swing is the perfect addition to an art space.

The experience of swinging, specifically swinging as part of an exhibition, is a metaphor I use to guide through my research on the feeling of connectedness.

As part of the graduation show, the swing might not seem immediately obvious as a continuation of the works experienced inside. But the being-on-the swing is a materialization of the being-in-connection with a work, creating that special energy not through a mental state but a physical one.

Outline of the installation of a swing at the St. Joost building


Find Us in the In-Between

June 30th - July 3rd

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