Remote: Please Do Not Turn It On or Off, 2022

When I feel lost in format, overwhelmed with anxiety; in my mind I jump into the water at a specific place, by dubiety of fearing the cold, I know that I will always jump into the mass, it is in a way like collapsing in comfort.





Intrigued by closed systems as isolated spaces of protection.

In display; a water system for mouthwash. 


24 liters of mouthwash guided by 12 tubes are woven through 24 frames of glass, each frame contains 6 perforations. Whenever a tube will crack a tube-guard will protect them. Impulses are sent every 3 minutes by timer to keep the circular movement. 


Integrated systems are based on; 

- The Pulse-generator of a Deep Brain Stimulation 

- The Digital Impression of a Mouthguard 

Fragment Heart Rate, Remote: Please Do Not Turn it on or Off, 2022






Transparent movements; all shapes represent specific translations of hidden movements that surround us in space. 


- The Shape of a Heartrate; digitally monitored, with no heartbeat there is no shape, it is a translation of functioning.


- The Shape of Distill; as substance can be revealed, it is the invisible transition from fluid to solid .


- The Shape of a Radiator; to transfer something equally through space by moving a certain substance.

Fragment Radiator, Remote: Please Do Not Turn It On or Off, 2022

Fragment Distill, Remote: Please Do Not Turn It On or Off, 2022

"Ever since I can remember I am developing systems to understand my surroundings. In order to process all impulses, a system calms me down. You could see these systems as quite neurotic or hermetic, for me personally they are tools of functioning. I see them as my own closed systems of safety, as spaces where I can escape to. "

MOUTHGUARD: It is a calming thought that every time I get a new transparent holder, it will keep my teeth safe for a while during the night. Through the years I collected quite a personal selection of transparent guards of different plastic colours.

DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION: While holding the battery, the old IPG, I questioned the object by its declined purpose; being programmed to control my father's movements for 5 years. Now, without wires, electrons or a brain to impulse; is it still an IPG? Is the object still an embodiment of something else after leaving the human body, or can the object now finally embody itself?

MOUTHWASH: A water system for mouthwash; in this environment, the substance is not physically used by anything else, it can safely exist in independency.

It comforts me when devices have remotes, it gives me a specific safety that I can always turn it back “on” after it went “off” with the naïve assurance that it will work forever. When it seems not to work, it probably needs new batteries. If it then still does not work, something else just needs new batteries. Owning and acknowledging the remote always gives me a certain control.


ORAL 3D SCANNER: While the Oral 3D Scanner was scanning my mouth, I saw tiny fragments of my teeth slowly shattering together to an image next to me, once completed as one I saw the inside of my mouth as 3D shape, turning as a “UFO” on the computer screen.

HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE: By seeing a picture like this; it looks absolutely un-earthy. It makes us only spectators, and we are more than that. It is not just acknowledging a drop of rain on your skin; it is about feeling all the drops of water within your own body.

X-RAY DBS: Every electrode has different ways and sides to impulse the brain, any DBS needs a personalized rhythm of impulses that fits to the individual brain it is located in. All DBS-devices are programmed by remote and DBS users have to take home the remote by note; please do not turn it “on” or “off”.

As a spectator we are aware of the circular movements in the space. When we move closer to the tubes, we do not see any movement at all, the water in the tubes looks frozen. We hear the humming noises of pump as evidence that the system is working. Although, we think we understand the system, can we feel the exact movements without seeing?

Prototype 1.0 Circular Water-System with Arrows to Be Kind of Understandable


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