In my research I am engaging with the topic, vision disability where I investigate in the complexities of their challenges. Through my project I aim to understand the challenges that disabled community face, and to make others be more aware of the addressed topic. Through my research process I have developed collaborative projects where I share the narrative stories to raise awareness and encourage a dialogue about this through mediums such as, immersive simulation game using audio and tactile experience and mini documentary. 


The focus in my project is to provide information about their potential, capability, opportunities and how to communicate, treat and behave appropriately and how to be inclusive. In this way, to reduce the inaccurate biases and misconceptions and false assumptions towards this group of people.





In a collaboration with Nasra Fransen, I designed an awareness board game. The main purpose of our game is to create awareness and an understanding of blindness to foster sensitivity, acceptance, appreciate the diversity in the society and promote social inclusion. In this way, to reduce the misconception and stigma around the word, vision disability. The game, “We are just like you” consist of three categories: Accessibility, Become a better ally and Kill the myths. 


Through these categories it encourages children to learn and discuss about vision disability to be aware of what is the appropriate ways to communicate, how to include, treat and behave towards people with vision disabilities, what are the myths and truths, how do their assisting tools work and what opportunities they have.

Prototype of the Awareness Board Game

On the 11th of May Nasra Fransen and I had a workshop at Bossche Community School (BCS) where 6 participants in age 10 years old tested out the board game.


A video of the workshop at the Bossche Community School (BCS)


To see the video of the workshop at the Bossche Community School (BCS) clicking on the link above



I have in collaboration with Oyvind Lode from Norway made a mini documentary. The purpose with this film is to educate and raise awareness about people with disabilities. Our focus was on their abilities. This is done by disproving the inaccurate assumptions and stereotypical way of thinking that Oyvind and others have been exposed to. 


Through this film we want to make you more aware about the potential of people with a vision disability showing that there are fully capable to live an independent life and can participation in society at the same level as everyone else.



To see the mini documentary, See the world like me, click on the link below:


An image of a scene from the film "see the world like me"

See The World Like Me_English Subtitles.mp4

See the world like me, mini documentary (17min)


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